How Do You Know If Your Rain Gutters Are Clogged?

If you feel like someone is off with your gutters after a gloomy rainstorm, then your guts might be telling you something. If you notice subtle things like low drain power or puddles in corners and especially in your basement, then you might need to check how your gutters are doing. The most common problem where these things stem from is clogging. It refers to when something hinders your gutters from transferring the water it collects to the ground.

  • What are the signs of a clogged gutter?

The first sign is when so much water is spilling out. If you notice your roof becoming a waterfall, then you might want to check your gutters. Functioning gutters prevent excessive spills of rainwater. If water overflows from your top, then it is your gutters clogged. Do call on a professional who offers gutter cleaning in Richmond VA to fix the problem as soon as possible.

  • The next has to do with your gutters’ sides sagging.

One thing to note about gutters is that they carry it if they do not drain the water it collects. Water from ice buildup or rainstorms can be heavy, which pushes down the gutters and possibly misconfigures their physical structure. When your gutters start sagging, they are more prone to entirely collapsing than ever.

  • You start finding rust.

The most water standing problems you will encounter that can be expensive is rust and mildew. If you see rust rapidly growing in your roof and especially your gutters, then you are having a water problem. It simply means that there are liquids in certain nooks that you have not yet drained. In turn, they provide moisture which weakens the materials in the gutters and the roof. Do call on a professional to check if the gutters can still be fixed.