Was Japanese Streetwear Adapted From American Styles?

Everyone knows about the popularity of Japanese street fashion and its love for all things cute, quirky, and vintage. It’s a kind of look that seems to have sprung from left field; a bizarre contrast to the dark gothic style that has long been popular in Japan (as well as many other parts of Asia). But did you know that most of what we think of as ‘Japanese’ street fashion is actually based on earlier American styles? Let’s take a closer look at how japanese streetwear was adapted from American styles.

Why is Japanese Street Fashion So Unique?

Since the 1980s, Japan has become known for its unique, and often odd, fashion sense. This has been especially true in skater and street subcultures. It’s a look that has many people scratching their heads, trying to work out where it came from, and why it has become so popular. But the reason for this is actually quite simple – it is largely based on earlier American street fashion. There are several reasons that Japan adopted these styles. First, the Japanese love for ‘cute’ and ‘kawaii’, which the American skater subculture definitely has (think Hello Kitty). Second, the skater subculture had a very rebellious, anti-establishment message, which resonated well with Japanese youth. And third, Japanese youth were allowed to wear anything they liked, with very little regulation, so they could express themselves freely.

Fashion Influences from America

The American skater subculture has become so popular in Japan. As a result, one of its influences is the blood-stained shirt. This actually started out in England, where a group of rude boys would wear bloodstained T-shirts as a mark of honor. But it soon caught on in the American skater subculture. There are several theories as to why they did this. One possibility is that they wanted to attract girls. Another idea is that they wanted to look violent. And a third theory is that they wanted to look dangerous. Blood-stained T-shirts have now become very popular in Japan.

Japanese street fashion was largely based on American skater subculture. It has its own unique twist on these styles, but they are definitely not homegrown. If you’re interested in Japanese street fashion, it’s worth looking into these earlier styles, to get a better appreciation for the source of inspiration for this fascinating subculture.